Why Wool?

  • Wool is naturally clean.

  • Wool is naturally anti-bacterial.

  • Wool is dust mite resistant. 

  • Wool is hypo allergenic.

  • Wool wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable.

  • Wool in its natural state regulates temperature.

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Wool is different from down, feather or polyester

They are all insulators. They make the body hot and don't release heat, which is fine when you first get into bed. But then during the night our body temperature should drop as we go into deep sleep but these insulators bring our body temperature up so we either fully wake up or toss and turn to cool off. Then we go to sleep again and repeat the process of getting hot. But this time it maybe our partner is too hot in the bed and so the great duvet war starts with us pulling and pushing off the duvet. This is not natural sleep and it prevents essential deep sleep. Wool is not just thermal and an insulator it also acts as a regulator.

Down is light and airy and has excellent thermal qualities but it just gets warmer and warmer; it doesn't have the natural heat regulating properties that wool has. Down and feather also attract dust and dirt (remember feather dusters) and therefore it actually attracts dust mites.


Wool is naturally clean and is dust mite resistant. Our cotton is made just for us. It's the finest quality and is dust mite proof beyond the standard set by the Asthma society.


Feathers don't give an even coverage because they tend to gather in clumps and migrate to the bottom of the duvet, leaving cold spots and you are forever having to shake it to spread them out again. Also many people are allergic to feathers.


Feather/down and polyester make you sweat. The sweat is retained in the duvet and mold spores thrive on it. Wool on the other hand is naturally hypoallergenic, wicks away moisture is the most breathable fiber on the planet, and it doesn't attract dirt.

Wool regulates your body temperature

As said above, wool does not just have thermal properties like polyester and feather. Wool is actually a regulator, not an insulator, it regulates your body temperature the same way as it does on the sheep. When it is hot the wool passes the heat mainly in the form of moisture from the sheep's body out and when its cold its keeps the heat in. Easy really and it will do the same for humans. The more you process the wool, i.e. spin and weave it, then the less the wool can regulate heat. So we keep the wool in the same state as it is on the sheep. But the amazing thing about wool is that it will actually regulate the temperatures of 2 different people in the same bed. You can get the scientific analysis of this from the web.


Pure Wool Bedding

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